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Most Searched Types of Furniture on Google

By 14 June 2021No Comments

Here at Maple Furniture, we like to keep our finger on the pulse of what’s current in the world of furniture. So, we have conducted some research into which types of furniture are being searched for online, ranging from the highest number of monthly searches to the lowest number of searches in the UK.


As this infographic shows, some of the results were quite surprising.*
The most searched type of furniture was wardrobes, at 11.3% (301,000 searches), with bedside tables a close second at 9.8% (261,000 searches), and corner sofas at 9.3% (246,000 searches). The least searched type of furniture was armchairs, at 3.4% (90,000 searches).

The most searched sofa colour was grey, at 44% (49,500), followed by green at 11% (12,100). Perhaps most surprisingly, searches for brown sofas were just 3% (3,900) of the total number of searches. The least searched sofa colour was red, at 2% (1,900).

The grey sofa search is a huge winner when it comes to colour choice. Grey has been a hot interior design trend for the past few years now, and as these results show, the trend shows no signs of abating just yet. Perhaps it endures because it is such a neutral shade that can be complemented by a wide range of other colours.

Analysing why wardrobes might be the most searched for item of furniture is a little more difficult. Could it be that many people have KonMari’d their closets during the pandemic, and are now downsizing as a result? Or perhaps, it’s the opposite — namely, an increased number of people shopping online for clothes and buying more than they would normally buy?

*Figures have been rounded up or down to the nearest 100.

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